Mission / Vision / Core Values

Creation of Institute of Management Consulting, IMC Armenia, its vision and mission

The Institute of Management Consulting, IMC Armenia, is a not-for-profit organization registered in December 2011. The readiness of Armenian consultants meeting international professional standards, combined with support from EBRD BAS Armenia to promote international best practices in Armenia, triggered an active group of local consultants to unite their efforts in developing the Business Development Services market.

IMC Armenia mission is to promote excellence and ethics in management consulting in Armenia through continuous professional development, international certification, networking and raising value, quality and benefits to local and international clients.  One of our primary goals is to obtain membership to the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), enabling IMC Armenia to deliver the prestigious, internationally-recognized Certified Management Consultant (CMC) accreditation.

 IMC Armenia vision is to become one of the driving forces for the development of knowledge economy in the country and to promote management consulting services in domestic and export markets.

To serve the realization of the Institute’s mission and vision and with great input of BAS Armenia in March of 2012 “Core Consultancy Skills Essentials” first training for local management consultants was organized. As a result of the training 20 participants were awarded internationally renowned CMCE certification thus positively influencing on the local consulting market.

Strategic directions and operational plan

MC Armenia has chosen the following directions to ensure ongoing development of consultancy market in Armenia.

  1. Members’ continuous professional development
  2. International certification and accreditation
  3. Market opportunities for members
  4. Credibility of IMCA and its Members
  5. Institutional Capacity Building/Financial Sustainability

With focus on the main course of improvement of the market we target implantation of our vision and realization of the mission.

Membership benefits and number of members

Currently, IMC Armenia unites 40 members who share the Institute’s Code of Conduct and who provide consulting and training services in a variety of fields.

Membership of IMCA enhances a consultant’s skills and career opportunities through access to an internationally recognized accreditation, extensive knowledge resources, networking opportunities and professional standards. IMC Armenia cooperates with   private sector representatives, NGOs, international organizations and government agencies. Selecting management consultants through the Institute, clients will identify individuals who meet the profession’s own standards of competence, ethics, and independence.

Our members benefit in a variety of ways from membership to IMC Armenia.

We believe that both members and the organization can have their impact on each other’s continuous development.