Artak Zopunyan

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Artak Zopunyan is the founder and CEO of Finlex financial and legal consulting company, which is operating in of more than 12 years. Due to creation of a unique corporate culture, the company keeps expending. Now about 50 highly qualified professionals of Finlex are making solutions for companies acting in various fields of industry in Armenia and abroad, as well as rendering services in public sector. Since 2013, Mr. Zopunyan has been the member of IMC Armenia (Institute of Management Consulting of Armenia) and has recently been elected as the president of IMCA.

Mr. Zopunyan has graduated from Yerevan State Institute of Economics as a management specialist and has Master’s degree of Law (Yerevan State University). During the years of 2005-2009 occupied the position of judicial accounting expert and judicial expert in economic affairs at Expertise center of RA Ministry of Justice. He has been conducting training activities since 2012, likewise is a trainer at training center of State Revenue committee of RA, also has founded Finlex Lab learning center. Main specialization is in the fields of financial and legal consultation, risk assessment and tax optimization, strategy development and advisory in business solutions, company restructuring and restoration of accounting.

Regularly contributes to legislative amendments in taxation field.

With the aim of developing small and medium entrepreneurship in RA, Mr. Zopunyan especially encourages IT start-up businesses, helps with internal and external management consultancy, planning and investment finding.