Asya Ayvazyan

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Asya Ayvazyan has a background in Macroeconomics. With experience in procurement for large corporations, Asya transitioned to empower startups, guiding them in founding, fundraising, and achieving steady growth. Currently, Asya serves as a business consultant, equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge to take their ventures from concept to reality through training sessions. Asya develops educational content that provides individuals with essential business knowledge, enabling them to enhance their daily operations and conduct more effective business practices.

In her collaboration with startups, Asya oversees the entirety of business operations, encompassing organizational structuring, procedural refinement, product development, logistics optimization, sales funnel management, brand marketing, tax compliance, and navigation of import-export protocols, including customs procedures. Asya supports the businesses to find and secure the money they need to keep growing. With her guidance, entrepreneurs can get the funding required to stay on track for success.

Asya is also the founder and director of Bezoo, an Armenian bicycle brand. Additionally, Asya promotes media literacy and awareness in Armenia’s Tavush region through fundraising efforts for Tavush Media.