CMC Certification for Managment Consultants by IMC Armenia

CMC Certification Course
📌We are pleased to announce that we are launching the #CMC Qualification Program, which will enable you to obtain the most internationally recognized Management Consultant Qualification, recognized in more than 50 countries.
The CMC qualification program is based on ICMCI professional standards and includes:
📌Management Consulting Essentials
📌Management Ethics Professional Ethics
📌Management Consulting Competency Framework
📌Preparatory practical work for qualification
Qualification courses will be organized on December 08-11, 2021 at Yerevan.
CMC qualification course consists of training courses, practical work and mentoring.
Qualifying requirements for qualifying participation:
• Management consultant experience of at least three years in a row – 3600 hours
• Knowledge of a foreign language
For details, contact or call +374 93 406842.
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