Narine Karapetyan CMC

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Narine Karapetyan, an experienced independent business consultant, brings over 12 years of expertise in public and private sectors. Specializing in business management, she adeptly guides diverse groups with strategic insights. Engaged in marketing and management projects, she showcases versatility and navigates complex business landscapes.

Actively involved in mentoring, Narine provides invaluable guidance in strategy, marketing, operations, and finance. Focusing on agribusiness, tourism, and hospitality, she passionately collaborates with start-ups, contributing to local enterprise development.

Narine’s commitment extends to capacity development and project management, evident in her role in social enterprise management. Narine has earned the distinguished CMC certification from the CMC Global Institute, highlighting her exceptional professionalism in the consulting field. Additionally, she showcases expertise in enterprise training, exemplified by her CEFE certification. Holding a master’s degree from Armenian State Agrarian University and Texas A&M University, Narine combines educational depth with practical acumen, making her an indispensable resource for those seeking expert advice in business management and consultation.

Narine Karapetyan is a goal-oriented independent business consultant-expert and trainer specializing in business management and consultation. She has over 12 years of internal and external experience in the public and private sectors. She is advising and mentoring for developing local enterprises in the areas of agribusiness, tourism, and hospitality as well as information technology. She is specialized in business development services, such as market research and surveys, project management, projects design and implementation, business planning and development, business training delivery in various areas. 

She cooperates with different target groups: women, youth, farm cooperatives, farmers, start-up businesses, SMEs, etc.

Throughout her career, she has provided consultancy support for SMEs covering such areas as management, marketing plans. Furthermore, she is involved in capacity development and management of the projects. 

She develops proposals, provides and facilitates technical support, training, and information to partners on social enterprise management.   

She has experience in marketing, management-related projects conjointly with the public-private sector.

She holds a master’s degree from Armenian State Agrarian University conjointly with Texas A&M University. She is awarded as a Certified Management Consultant by ICMCI-GI. She is a CMC holder as well as CMCE and CEFE and provides consulting services in the above-mentioned fields.