Silva Grigoryan

Full Member 034

Silva Grigoryan is a CMC accredited Management Consultant, member of the Board of the Armenian Chapter of The Institute of Management Consultant (IMC Armenia), Executive officer of the Association of Quality Managers and the Expert at “SIGNUM” consulting Company.
She is specialized in implementation of ISO international management standards (ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 27001 Information Security Management, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management, ISO 14000 Environment management,) GMP, HACCP systems, as well as internal and second party audits according to the ISO 19011 standard. She is also conducting corporate trainings and couching with the requirements of above-mentioned standards. In the mean time the scope of her work includes the diagnostic audit of the organization existing management system, as well as consulting services in optimization of organizational chart and re-engineering of business processes in the following sectors: production of wine, dairy products, light industry, banking, insurance and restaurant and other areas of services. With the team of professional consultants, among her clients were SIL INSURANCE, ARMENIA INSURANCE, YEREVAN COMPUTER RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, OxFam, Oxigen, YEREVAN COMPUTER PLANT, DARF, EVOCABANK, ENERGAIZ GLOBAL SERVICES, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE OF RA, MINISTRY OF EMERGENCY SITUATIONS OF RA, PROJECT INTRNATIONAL, AQUILLA TECHNICS, DIGITAIN, ARMЕNIA WINE and others.
She had also experience in event management, active participating in organizing team of the following well-known events in Armenia: “ArmHighTech 2016”, “Expo Russia Armenia 2016”, Russian-Georgian Business Forum 2016, “ArmSecurity 2017”, “Jewelry Days. Armenia 2017”, “ArmHighTech 2018”, “Expo Russia Armenia 2018” and others.